Municipal Pipe Tool Co., LLC

(MPT) is a company specializing in sewer maintenance and CIPP rehabilitation of municipal and industrial collection systems, as well as, an equipment supplier of Vacall, Cues, Sewer Equipment Company of America and Ridgid.
About Us

Municipal Pipe Tool Co., LLC

Municipal Pipe Tool Co., LLC (MPT) specializes in sewer maintenance and rehabilitation of municipal and industrial collection systems utilizing trenchless sewer relining (C.I.P.P.), sewer televising and cleaning, grouting, smoke testing, and I & I studies. We also sell the sewer maintenance equipment and parts that we use.

Our offices are shared with C.I.P.P. Corporation and Nutri-Ject Systems, Inc. Nutri-Ject Systems (NJS) is a biosolids management company, which performs digester cleaning, lagoon dredging, biosolids hauling, and land application of wet and dry biosolids. C.I.P.P. Corporation as a natural outgrowth of the existing technologies and processes being utilized by MPT crews. C.I.P.P. Corporation provides materials and technology for the cured in place pipelining of existing sewer pipelines. The corporation is made up of multiple contractors located throughout the United States.

Municipal Pipe Tool Co., LLC has been in the business of providing sewer maintenance and rehabilitation for 40 years. Our reputation is well established with hundreds of customers, large and small. We are proud to offer five year maintenance contracts to cities in the Midwest.

Municipal Pipe Tool has been proud members of the WEF, IAWEA, IRWA, NERWA and NASSCO. . We have over 8 operators training in PACP.